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Why umbrella?

Umbrella is the most widely-used and convenient payroll option for contractors, freelancers and temporary workers.

Many contractors use an umbrella service for the freedom. Rainbowpay’s umbrella service allows contractors to have the freedom to choose the contracts they would like and to work on multiple assignments with different clients. Others choose to use an umbrella company to offload the administration and accountancy burden. Rainbowpay take care of the tax and National Insurance deductions, plus any additional contributions such as student loans or pensions at source and pay the contractor a PAYE salary. This means contractors do not need to pay for accountant or file a self-assessment. Additional benefits include:



All employees of Rainbowpay are backed up with our industry recognised; employers’ liability, public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover.


Faster Payments

We operate a faster payment method and have multiple payroll runs each day to ensure all contractor payments are received as quickly as possible.


Full employment

As an employee of Rainbowpay you have a full employment status including sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay and a workplace pension.

I am new to contracting

The start of your journey

Rainbowpay provides an umbrella payroll solution which helps contractors, freelancers and temporary workers get paid for the work they do, without the hassle of self-employment or becoming a director of a personal limited company.

So, how does this work?
It’s really very simple. Upon completion of our sign up process you would effectively become an ‘employee’ of Rainbowpay. This would allow you to take on multiple contracts with different end clients or agencies and be paid under one roof. You would inform us of each of your assignments and we would contact the client/agency on your behalf to confirm your contract and arrange payment information.

All you need to do then is submit your timesheets and we will ensure you’re paid correctly and efficiently. You will receive a PAYE payslip detailing your tax and NI deductions everytime you are paid.

I am looking to switch umbrella

Switching things up

So you’re thinking of switching? Perhaps you no longer trust your current umbrella to pay you correctly or on time? Maybe they cannot work with the specific agency your contract is with or are you just looking for a more personal employment? Whatever your reason is for wanting to switch, we believe Rainbowpay will exceed your expectations.

Rainbowpay offer a free set-up and have no exit fees or hidden costs. We provide you with an effective and efficient service that you can rely on and trust.

Joining Rainbowpay is quick and easy. We will walk you through a fast, effective same day set-up, making switching simple. To talk to our team about your situation, upcoming contract or if you are just looking for some expert advice, call us today.

Working through a Limited Company

Umbrella Vs Limited Company

There are many reasons you may want to switch from operating though a personal limited company to an umbrella payroll service.

The new IR35 legislation that came into effect earlier this year may have caused you to fall inside the new rules and require a new way to operate – being paid via an umbrella company will ensure that you remain IR35 compliant. The IR35 legislation is complex and it is not always easy to know if you are compliant or not.

Working through a limited company requires the services of an accountant and a hefty administration burden. With umbrella payroll, your administration is significantly reduced and you will not need an accountant. You can enjoy all the benefits and securities of being a PAYE employee but with the freedom and choice of contracting.

If you are unsure if your contract falls inside IR35, or if you would like to discuss the umbrella service, please contact our team.

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